Our Mission

To nurture all students with special needs in a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment through education and therapeutic intervention. Choose your best place to learn and choose your best program from our institution.

Our Vision

Providing specialized education to address academic,physical,social, behavioral and emotional needs of student through integrated therapeutic approach to offer equal opportunities to succeed and become a contributing member of the society.

Our Objective

To ensure Good mental health, Independence, Make positive relationships in life, Understanding of protecting themselves, Identify the abilities that make them unique from others, and Ability to read, and write with good numeracy in ICT skills

Message From Principal

As principal of Mind Bridge Therapy House (MBTH), I welcome you all to our school, where we encourage our students to reach their full potential and provide them with a happy, nurturing, and motivating atmosphere to enjoy their learning. Identifying and prioritizing the needs of diversely abled children is something that our country is currently lacking, which ultimately increases the need for purpose-built schools with qualified professionals and specialized services to assist students in their learning journeys.

At MBTH, we aim to enable pupils with a wide range of needs to access the curriculum, develop their self-esteem and realize their potential. Our value-based curriculum model is tailored according to the needs of each individual and supports them to make rapid progress both socially and academically.

As a principal, I understand that our students are blessed with learning abilities and that it is the school’s responsibility to identify, celebrate, and support each student in capitalizing on their strengths instead of merely providing support within a traditional setting. Our school is a safe place where our therapeutic community gives them a real sense of pride and belonging.